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Av 1D Updates - 13 september 2013 08:23

Jag har börjat skriva en engelsk novell på wattpad och jag tänkte att ni också kanske ville läsa? :) Den finns även på wattpad --

Part 1 – Interesting

I think when it's all over, it's just comes back in flashes you know. It's a colied of a scope of memories, wich it all comes back. But he never does. I think a part of me knew the second I saw him that this would happen. It's not really anything he said or anything he did. It was....the feeling that came along with it and...the crazy thing is that I don't know if I ever going to feel that way again. But I don't know if I should. I knew it all moved to fast and burned to bright, but I just can the devil be pulling someone against you who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? 
Maybe he knew that. When he saw me. I guess I just lost my balance. 
I think that the worst part of it all wasn't losing him. It was losing me.

*A few months earlier*
It was only two days left of the summer holidays. These nine weeks had past really fast, but I had had time for a lot of things anyway. I had spent a lot of time with my family, we went to my grandparents in the country, as we alwyas do every summer. After that, I worked for a while at Starbucks, wich led to that I got a permanent job there a few days a week after school and weekends. It was an easy way to core money on. And by the way, did I mention that my best friend Agnes also works there. Well, she does.
All summer I had been on a page called It is a site for young people where they can chat and get to know other teens. I didn't jused to be so interested in that, but this particular page was very funny. I had been talking to lots of boys and girls. I must admit that some of them were complete idiots, but the rest was very kind.
So I have been addicted to that all summer. I haven't said anything about it to Agnes. I don't know why but I think the best part is that she dosen't know anything. 

*Beep beep beep* My alarm rang at 8. For moment, I was surprised because it was Saturday, but then I realized what it was. The job, of course. How could I forget? 
It had been the same thing for nine weeks now. I should be jused to this. I had good job hours, so I couldn't complain.
I sat up in bed and stretched me. Then I went up. When I looked out the window the sun was high in the sky and there wasn't any clouds in sight. I opened my closet to find something to wear. We have special work clothes but I still have to wear something else when I go there and back home. It took a while but finally I found a blouse and a pair of jeans shorts. Perfect. Before I went down, I decided to go into the computer to see if anyone had send me a message on that chat page. It was. One new message from a guy. It said ''Hi ''.
I smiled to myself and quickly sent a message back where I wrote ''Hi there ''.
I waited for a reply, wich didn't took mor than a second. 
Him: ''What are you doing up so early princess?''
Me: ''Why so curious?''
Him: ''Why won't you tell me?''
I laughed to myself. H eseemed like the type of guy who didn't gave up so easily. I liked it.
Me: '' If you really have to know, I'm going to work''
Him: ''Nice, what job?''
Me: '' Starbucks.''
Him: ''Really? I love Starbucks ''
Me:'' Yeah, me too ''
Him: ''So...what's your name?''
Me: ''Erin. Erin Collins, and you?''
Him: ''Harry''
Me: ''Harry...?''
Him: ''Styles''
Me: ''Okay, nice to talk to you Harry, but I really have to go now''
Him: ''Same, but I guess I'll talk to you later?''
Me: ''Sure, bye''
Him:'' Bye xx''
I don't know what but there was something about him that made me very interested in him.
He was special.

I went down to the kitchen where my father and brother Justin sat and ate breakfast.
-Good morning Erin, Justin and dad said with a smile.
-Good morning, I said and poured the tea water in a cup and sat down at the table.
-Why are you guys up so early?, I asked.
-I have a job interview today, about half an hour actually, so I have to go now ' and Justin got up and disappeared upstairs. Me and dad sat there and he began
-You know I have work to doErin, there is a lot to do so I want to get started as soon as possible.
-Okay, I have to go too, but is mum and Amy home?
-Yeah, they are still asleep, he said and got up. On his way out he kissed me on my head.
-Have a great day sweetie.
-You too, I smiled.

After breakfast, I fixed my hair and putted some light make-up on. It was only twenty minutes left before I started work so I had to rush a little bit extra. When I was finished, I said goodbye to my dad who was sitting in his ''work room'' and then I walked out to my car. Agnes had been trying to reach me. Three missed calls.
When I was about to open the car door, it was locked. And I forgot the keys inside, so I had to go back. That was so typical me to forget such little things.
When I got inside, my mom stood there with my keys in her hand and arms crossed.
-Forgot something?, she asked with a smile on her face.
I started to laugh. She was jused to this. It happend all the time.
-Just give it to me, I said and grabed the keys. -See you tonight, love you, I continued and went outside again.
When I arrived at Starbucks, it was difficult to find a parking. It was almost full everywhere.
After about 3 minutes I found a parking, finally!. When I came in, Agnes had her hands full with plates and glass. I guess being on time is a good thing.

Av 1D Updates - 13 september 2013 07:12

Ett enormt stort grattis till jordens finaste ängel, Niall. Jag kan inte beskriva med ord hur mycket han betyder för mig och hur mycket jag älskar honom. Han får mig att le och skratta hela tiden och varje gång som jag ser en bild på honom eller en video så blir jag glad. Asså jag ler som en idiot ^^ asdfghjkl, jag trodde inte att det fanns så underbara killar. Men det gör det allt. Våran lilla irländska kille är 20. Han är inte våran X-Factor kille längre men jag älskar honom lika mycket som jag alltid har gjort och jag kommer alltid o göra det. För det spelar ingen roll hur gammal han än blir, han kommer alltid att vara den x- Factor killen som jag blev kär i.
I LOVE YOU NIALL <3<3<3 Gråter.


Hejhej! Här får du de senaste uppdateringarna om Harry, Liam, Louis & Niall! xx

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