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Novell - The Dark Inside - Part 1

Av 1D Updates - 13 september 2013 08:23

Jag har börjat skriva en engelsk novell på wattpad och jag tänkte att ni också kanske ville läsa? :) Den finns även på wattpad --

Part 1 – Interesting

I think when it's all over, it's just comes back in flashes you know. It's a colied of a scope of memories, wich it all comes back. But he never does. I think a part of me knew the second I saw him that this would happen. It's not really anything he said or anything he did. It was....the feeling that came along with it and...the crazy thing is that I don't know if I ever going to feel that way again. But I don't know if I should. I knew it all moved to fast and burned to bright, but I just can the devil be pulling someone against you who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? 
Maybe he knew that. When he saw me. I guess I just lost my balance. 
I think that the worst part of it all wasn't losing him. It was losing me.

*A few months earlier*
It was only two days left of the summer holidays. These nine weeks had past really fast, but I had had time for a lot of things anyway. I had spent a lot of time with my family, we went to my grandparents in the country, as we alwyas do every summer. After that, I worked for a while at Starbucks, wich led to that I got a permanent job there a few days a week after school and weekends. It was an easy way to core money on. And by the way, did I mention that my best friend Agnes also works there. Well, she does.
All summer I had been on a page called It is a site for young people where they can chat and get to know other teens. I didn't jused to be so interested in that, but this particular page was very funny. I had been talking to lots of boys and girls. I must admit that some of them were complete idiots, but the rest was very kind.
So I have been addicted to that all summer. I haven't said anything about it to Agnes. I don't know why but I think the best part is that she dosen't know anything. 

*Beep beep beep* My alarm rang at 8. For moment, I was surprised because it was Saturday, but then I realized what it was. The job, of course. How could I forget? 
It had been the same thing for nine weeks now. I should be jused to this. I had good job hours, so I couldn't complain.
I sat up in bed and stretched me. Then I went up. When I looked out the window the sun was high in the sky and there wasn't any clouds in sight. I opened my closet to find something to wear. We have special work clothes but I still have to wear something else when I go there and back home. It took a while but finally I found a blouse and a pair of jeans shorts. Perfect. Before I went down, I decided to go into the computer to see if anyone had send me a message on that chat page. It was. One new message from a guy. It said ''Hi ''.
I smiled to myself and quickly sent a message back where I wrote ''Hi there ''.
I waited for a reply, wich didn't took mor than a second. 
Him: ''What are you doing up so early princess?''
Me: ''Why so curious?''
Him: ''Why won't you tell me?''
I laughed to myself. H eseemed like the type of guy who didn't gave up so easily. I liked it.
Me: '' If you really have to know, I'm going to work''
Him: ''Nice, what job?''
Me: '' Starbucks.''
Him: ''Really? I love Starbucks ''
Me:'' Yeah, me too ''
Him: ''So...what's your name?''
Me: ''Erin. Erin Collins, and you?''
Him: ''Harry''
Me: ''Harry...?''
Him: ''Styles''
Me: ''Okay, nice to talk to you Harry, but I really have to go now''
Him: ''Same, but I guess I'll talk to you later?''
Me: ''Sure, bye''
Him:'' Bye xx''
I don't know what but there was something about him that made me very interested in him.
He was special.

I went down to the kitchen where my father and brother Justin sat and ate breakfast.
-Good morning Erin, Justin and dad said with a smile.
-Good morning, I said and poured the tea water in a cup and sat down at the table.
-Why are you guys up so early?, I asked.
-I have a job interview today, about half an hour actually, so I have to go now ' and Justin got up and disappeared upstairs. Me and dad sat there and he began
-You know I have work to doErin, there is a lot to do so I want to get started as soon as possible.
-Okay, I have to go too, but is mum and Amy home?
-Yeah, they are still asleep, he said and got up. On his way out he kissed me on my head.
-Have a great day sweetie.
-You too, I smiled.

After breakfast, I fixed my hair and putted some light make-up on. It was only twenty minutes left before I started work so I had to rush a little bit extra. When I was finished, I said goodbye to my dad who was sitting in his ''work room'' and then I walked out to my car. Agnes had been trying to reach me. Three missed calls.
When I was about to open the car door, it was locked. And I forgot the keys inside, so I had to go back. That was so typical me to forget such little things.
When I got inside, my mom stood there with my keys in her hand and arms crossed.
-Forgot something?, she asked with a smile on her face.
I started to laugh. She was jused to this. It happend all the time.
-Just give it to me, I said and grabed the keys. -See you tonight, love you, I continued and went outside again.
When I arrived at Starbucks, it was difficult to find a parking. It was almost full everywhere.
After about 3 minutes I found a parking, finally!. When I came in, Agnes had her hands full with plates and glass. I guess being on time is a good thing.


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Nu är uppdateringen lite fram o tillbaka igen men jag jobbar på det ...


Hejhej! Här får du de senaste uppdateringarna om Harry, Liam, Louis & Niall! xx

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